Repatha® was the first PCSK9 inhibitor with:

Single monthly injection

and every 2-week injection1

No titration

needed with either dosing schedule1

Repatha® offers similar LDL-C reductions with both dosing schedules1

Repatha® can be stored for 30 days at room temperature for patients1,*

*Room temperature (68°F to 77°F) in the original carton.

Once a Month

Single-use on-body infusor
with prefilled cartridge

Repatha® Pushtronex® system

Repatha® Pushtronex® system

Hidden 29-gauge needle2

Steady delivery of the
420 mg/3.5 mL dose
subcutaneously up to 9 minutes1,3

Securely adheres to the body so
patients can be hands free
during administration while they
perform moderate activities1,2

After one push of a button, the
on-body device does the work1

Download and review the Instructions for Use here

Every 2 Weeks

prefilled autoinjector

Repatha® SureClick®

Repatha® SureClick®

Hidden 27-gauge needle4

Delivers the 140 mg/mL dose
subcutaneously up to 15 seconds1

Consider for patients who
are comfortable self-injecting with
a hand-held device

Download and review the Instructions for Use here

Feel confident your patients can administer Repatha® with either delivery option

  • Built-in audible and visual cues to signal when the full dose has been delivered2

  • 95% of patients successfully administered at home with either device5,*

    • 95% of patients in the Pushtronex® group (n = 82), and 94% of patients in the SureClick® Autoinjector group (n = 82)6

*Patients who reported two full-dose administrations of Repatha® at Weeks 4 and 8. Patients received healthcare professional training on how to self-administer.

Patients used the Pushtronex® system or three autoinjectors for the once-monthly regimen.

Prior to use, wait at least 30 minutes for the SureClick® Autoinjector and 45 minutes for the Pushtronex® system to naturally reach room temperature in the carton.1

Do not try to warm the prefilled cartridge by using a heat source, such as hot water or a microwave. If the prefilled cartridge has been warmed with a heat source, use a new on-body infusor and prefilled cartridge and call 1-844-REPATHA (844-737-2842) or visit

LDL-C = low-density lipoprotein cholesterol; PCSK9 = proprotein convertase subtilisin/kexin type 9.