For these patients at risk, updated 2018 AHA/ACC treatment guidelines recommend

70 mg/dL as the new threshold to trigger action2

Mary, mother of two sons*

History of Stroke

History of Stroke

Clinical CVD Diagnosis

Stroke 8 months ago

LDL-C Level

110 mg/dL

Current Lipid-
Lowering Therapy

Rosuvastatin: 10 mg/day
with inability to tolerate
high-intensity statins

On other cardiovascular medications
as per recent guidance recommendations.

When will the next CV event strike a patient with previous stroke in your practice?

*Real-world clinical profile of patient experience with Repatha®. Hypothetical name, occupation, and photography used.

AHA/ACC = American Heart Association/American College of Cardiology; CV = cardiovascular; CVD = cardiovascular disease; LDL-C = low-density lipoprotein cholesterol; MI = myocardial infarction.