Every 40 seconds someone has an MI or stroke2

For patients at high risk and the people who rely on them, the impact of a CV event could be life-changing*

Joe, new grandfather*


Admitted to hospital
with myocardial
infarction 7 months ago

Myocardial infarction
3 years prior

Mary, mother of two sons*


Stroke 8 months ago

Dan, youth soccer coach*


Peripheral artery
disease—calf claudication
with exertion


Ben, high school teacher*


Revascularization with
two stents, 3 years ago

Add Repatha® to bring down their risk of another MI or stroke

*Real-world clinical profile of patient experience with Repatha®. Hypothetical name, occupation, and photography used.

ABI = ankle brachial index; AHA/ACC = American Heart Association/American College of Cardiology; ASCVD = atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease; HeFH = heterozygous familial hypercholesterolemia; MI = myocardial infarction; PAD = peripheral artery disease.