Repatha® helped HeFH patients escape high LDL-C with a 61% greater LDL-C reduction than statins alone1

LDL-C treatment difference in Study 5 (RUTHERFORD-2)

Study 5 results Study 5 results

Mean LDL-C % change from
baseline to Week 12

Repatha® 140 mg every 2 weeks + background therapy

Placebo every 2 weeks + background therapy

P < 0.0001 for primary endpoints1

n = 164

  • Repatha® every two weeks helped up to 68% of patients achieve LDL-C < 70 mg/dL2

  • Repatha® once a month lowered LDL-C an additional 60% when combined with background therapy1

    • Background therapy was statin therapy with or without other lipid-lowering therapies1

    • Mean baseline LDL-C was 156 mg/dL1,*

Estimates based on multiple imputation model that accounts for treatment adherence.

*Baseline was measured after the lipid stabilization period and before administration of first dose of study drug, n = 329.1

HeFH = heterozygous familial hypercholesterolemia; LDL-C = low-density lipoprotein cholesterol.